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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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VOL. XIV. NO. 12. 



50 cents a year. 

Published Monthly, at St. Michaels. Fort Totten- P. 0.- X. Dakota. 


The following letter arrived 
too late to be read to the Indians 
at the Standing Rock Congress, 
so we publish it here. 


New York, June 20, 1910. 

My dear Father Ketcham: 

We deeply regret that it will 
be impossible to send a represen- 
tative of the Marquette League 
to the Catholic Sioux Congress 
which will be held this year at 
Fprt Yates, N. Dak.; we. there- 
fore, beg that you will be the 
bearer of our message to these 
Catholic Indians in whom we are 
so greatly interested. 

We rejoice at the honor con- 
ferred upon them by the pres- 
ence of the Apostolic Delegate 
and so many Bishops and greatly 
regret that none of their friends 
among the members of the Mar- 
quette League can be present on 
this great occasion. 

With renewed good wishes for 
the success of this congress and 
expressions of good will to these 
our Catholic Indian brethern, we 
remain, Yours very sincerely, 
The directors of the Marquette 

Eugene A. Philbin. 

Wowapi kin de Omniciye Tanka 
kin en yawapi kta tuka iyehan 
jhi sni. 

New York, June 20, 1910. 
My dear Father Ketcham: 

Fort Yates, N. D. en de 
romaka kin Dakota Sinasapa 
omniciye tanka yuhapi kte kin 
.ekta detanhan Marquette okoda- 
kiciye kin wanjina karnir yesipi 
kte kin okihipica sni kin on ican-' 
te onsicapi; heon etanhan wicoie 
kin dena Dakota Sinasapa opapi, 
kin owicayakidake kta onnicida-, 
pi, hena en nina wacinwicunyu- 
zapi. Sinasapa itancanpi, qa Si-, 
;nasapa ataya itancan tawahpsiye 

kin hena ko enowicapapi kte kin 
on iwicaunkiyuskinpi, qa Mar- 
quette okodakiciye kin detanhan 
wanjina he en owicaunpapi kte 
sni kin on ^icante unsicapi. 

Dakota Sinasapa opapi hunka- 
wajin wicaunyapi omniciye wa- 
ste yuhapi kta qa sanpa iyoptapi 
qes ecin wicotawacin awicaun- 

Yours yery sincerely 
Eugene A. Philbin. 

4,000 Indians at Congress. 

Fcom The North- Western Chro iide. 

The greatest gathering of Ca- 
tholic Indians ever held in Ame- 
rica, took place on June 25, 26, 
27 and 28, at Fort Yates, Stand- 
ing Rock Indian Reservation, N. 
D. The occasion while being the 
largest was also made notable by 
the presence of the Papal Dele- 
gate, who conveyed the congress 
the special blessing of His Holi- 
ness, Pope Pius X. This was the 
first Indian Congress ever at- 
tended by Monsignor Diomede 
Falconio. At the congress which 
was made Up of about 4,000 de- 
legates, representing fifty two 
thousand Indians. 

The Indians participating were 
mostly Sioux, such as Yankton- 
ais, Blackf eet, Hunkpapas, Ogla- 
las, etc., of Fort Totten, Stand- 
ing Rock, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, 
Cheyenne River Reservations, 
Rees, Gros Ventres. Mandans 
from Fort Berthold; Chippewas 
from Minnesota and Turtle 

Besides the Papal Delegate 
were present Bishop Wehrle. of 
Bismarck, Bishop Buschof Lead, 
S. D.; Rev. W. H. Ketcham, di- 
rector of the Bureau of Catholic 
Indian Missions, Washington*, D. 
C; Father Metcalf, of Boston, 
and missionary priests from the 

The congress opened on Satur- 
day morning with a parade in 
which the Indians took part. 
At the head of the procession 
was a band. Following this came 
a Platoon of Indian police, then 
the various societies, C. O. F. 
St. Mary's and St. Joseph's and 
those composed of the Indian 
school children. Following were 
the visiting clergy, mostly In- 
dian missionaries. At the school 
house the Papal Delegate with 
bishops and attendants joined in 
*nd marched to the little church 
where Pontfical High Mass was 
celebrated by Bishop W^ehrle of 
Bismarck. He was assisted by 
Father Westropp as deacon, and 
Father Heinrichs as subdeacon. 
Father Bernard was assistant 
priest. Toe papal delegate, 
Bishop Busch and Father Met- 
calf occupied seats of honor in 
the sanctuary. The masters of 
ceremony were Very Rev Martin 
Kenel and Rev. Ambrose Bucher. 
The sermon was preached by 
Rev. Jerome Hunt, O. S. B. the 
oldest Indian missionary in the 

In the evening a meeting of the 
Indians was. held on the banks 
of the river and addresses deliv- 
ered in Indian by Standing Sol- 
dier, John Strait and Little Fish. 
The addresses were translated 
for the benefit of the English 

Bishop Busch was the cele- 
brant of Pontifical High Mass on 
Sunday morning. Very Rev. 
Martin Kenel preached in the 
Sioux and English languages. 
After Mass Bishop Wehrle ad- 
ministered the sacrament of con- 
firmation to ninety children and 
adults. Dinner was served in 
the school house by the sisters. 

In the evening the congress 
was called and opened by prayer 
in Sioux. His excellency, D. Fal- 
conio had spoken the day before, 

announcing the kindly message 
of the Holy Father. His words 
were received with great enthu- 
siasm, and the voices expressed 
thanks, delight and satisfaction. 

The speakers of Sunday eve- 
ning were Thomas White Mouse, 
Marcellus Red Tomahawk Bene- 
dict Long Soldier, Goodbear of 
Fort Berthold; Wounded Face, 
a Mandan Indian; Joseph Horn- 
cloud of Rosebud, Butcher, a 
Ree— testified in eloquent words, 
their loyalty to church and gov- 
ernment, especially did they ap- 
preciate the school education of 
their children under the sweet 
influence of good and zealous 
missionaries and teachers. Bish- 
ops Wehrle and Busch assured 
the Indians of their love for them 
and their readiness to supply 
them always with good priests 
and proper care of souls. 

Father Ketcham, Father Met- 
calf, Col. McLaughlin and Major 
Belden were among the others 
who spoke. The Papal Delegate 
closed the meeting with the Pa- 
pal Benediction. 

On Monday morning Solemn 
High Mass was celebrated by 
Rev. W. H. Ketcham. He was 
assisted by Father Loftus, of 
Sisseton reservation, and Father 
Vogel of Cheyenne River reser- 
vation. Monsignor Falconio oc- 
cupied the throne and Father 
Westropp, S. J. preached the 

On Monday evening the Indian 
women came to the gathering 
and presented the visitors with 

On Tuesday a solemn High 
Mass was celebrated by Rev. F. 
Metcalf of Boston for the depart- 
ed members of St. Joseph's and 
St. Mary's Societies. 

On Wednesday the Congress 
was closed by a Pontifical High 
Mass celebreted by Abbot Fro- 
win of Missouri, this being the 
29th anniversary of his benedic- 
tion as Abbot. 




Fort Totten. 

North Dakota. 

JULY 15, 1910. 


Fort Yates, N. D June 25, 1910. 
en omniciye tanka kin oyate to- 
na wanna en ipi kin hihanna ma- 
zaskanskan 10 en tipiwakan en 
wica qa winyan koya opawinge 
sakpe ecen witayapi, qa woko- 
yake wakan kiconpi qa tipiwa- 
kan etanhan nom nom manipi qa 
Sisters' School en tiyopa kin en 

Monsignor Palconio, Apostolic 
DeJigate, Washington, D. C. 

Rt, Rev. Bishop Wehrle, O. 
S. B. Bismarck, N. D. 

Rt. Rev, Bishop Busch, Lead, 
S. D. 

Rey. Father Ketcham, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Rev. Metcalf, Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Father Martin, O. S. B. 
Fort Yates, N. D. 

Rev: Father Jerome, O. S. B. 

S. D. 

Rev. Father Bernard, O. S. B. 
Fort Yates, N. D. 

Rev. Father Bede, O. S. B. 
Fort Yates, N. D. 

Rev. Father Francis, O. S. B. 
Fort Yates, N. D. 

Rev. Father Francis, O. S. B. 
Ft. Yates, N. D. 

Rev. Father Westropp, S. J. 
Rosebud, S. D. 

Rev. Father Henry, S.J. Pine 
Ridge, S. D. 

Rev. Father Clemens, O. S. B. 
Bismarck, N. D. 

Rev. Father Wolpers, Man- 
dan, N. D. 

Rev. Father Vogel, Cheyenne 
Agency, S. D. 
Rev. Father Ambrose, O. S. B. 
Fort Yates, N. D., hena en na- 
jinpi en ai qa hetanhan hena om 
tipiwahan etkiya nom-nom mani- 
pi, qa tipiwakan kin tanka qeyas 
kipipi sni qa itankan koya 
nina oyate ota. Rev. Father Je- 
rome, O. S. B. Fort Totten etan- 
han he wahokonwicakiya. qa wi- 
coiye wasteste qa kiksuyepica 
ota naunronpi. 

Wicokaya sanpa hehan sina- 
sapa itancanpi qa sinasapa tona 
en onpi owasin omniciye tanka 
en hipi wocekiye eyapi qa do- 

wanpi. Hehan Father Bernard 
wohdaka qa sinasapa itancanpi 
kin oyate Dakota en wicahipi qa 
on Dakota kin dena onkaktonjani 
sni wasteka. 

Hehan Akicitanajin wohdaka: 
Dakota tona den unhipi kin wica 
qa winyan koya wicasawakan 
itancanpi kin wicaunyuonihanpi 
kta qa etanhan taku naunronpi 
kinhan hena sutaya unyuzapi 
kta iyecetu. 

John Grass wohdaka: — Wiun- 
carcapi kin hena lakota wicoran 
hena wanna unkayustanpi ca ake 
ungluzapi kte sni wasteke lo, 
nahan ocekiye kin le eceela kes 
econqonpi kte lo. Wanna wani- 
yetu ota wicasawakan egna wo- 
wasi econpi "kin lila iyotanye^i- 
yapelo qeyas eqes tohinni sina- 
sapa kin wanjila unktepi sni yelo, 
Sinasapa Pehinska kin oyate wa- 
toglapi qeyas el wicai, yunkan 
taku wicasa kin slolyapi nahan 
lila tanyan yuonihanpi na pteha 
hinsma wan ogna akiyuha akipi 
na taku owicakiyake cin iyuha 
tanyan anagoptanpi na tanyan 
gluhapi kin lehan le oyate yan- 
kapi kin lena heciyatanhan awa- 
cin icagapelo, nalehantu kin wi- 

ther Bede cuwita unkitapi tka. 
John Strait:— Sinasapa itancan- 
pi tehantanhan wanyagunyahipi 
kin neon nina wopida unkeniciya- 
piiyececa. Dakota oyate kin wo- 
cekiye kin de aiuncagapi sni kin 
heon bdihenya okna awacin un- 
qonpi kte cin terika qa unkon- 
spepi sni kin' heon wicasawakan 
kin tona Dakota en unpi kin un- 
kiyepi on teriya wowasi econpi 
kin heon anpetu kin de wanwi- 
cayag yahipi kin on nina wiyu- 
skihpi qa nakun oyate den yan- 
kapi kin dena tehantanhan iyo- 
tiyekiya unkupi kin he wocekiye 
okna taku unkonspepi kta he 
uncinpi qeyas de icun taku tona 
en hektakiya unyutitanpi qa on 
wocekiye en : hunke sni unyanpi 
hecinhan' hena toksa sinasapa 
wicaunyuhapi kin hena oniciya- 
kapi kta. 

Hehan oyate tona en yankapi 
kin owasin sinasapa itancanpi 
nape wicayuzapi qa hehan sina- 
sapa itancan karnir usipi kin he- 
cen eya: Dakota oyate km wo- 
cekiye en token yaskanpi kin he 
sdonwaye kta heon umasipi qa 
wanna anpetu ' kin de wanciya- 
kapi qa on nina cantemawaste, 
qa heon sinasapa itancan, Pope, 
wowapi wecage kta, qa taku 

owasin tanyan owakiyakin kta, 
qa Wanikiya caje kin onniyaWa- 
stepi kta wakida kta qa dehan 
taku owasin tanyan awacannipi 
qa ecanonpi kin isanpa oyakihipi 
kta awacannipi kta hecen hecon 
Wanikiya caje kin on ciyawaste- 
pi kta. Hehan oyate wiciwan- 
kam nape yuwankan yuza qa wi- 
cayuwakan. Hehan Dakota kin 
tona tokantanhan ai kin owasin 
om nape kiciyuzapi qa enakiyapi. 

June 26, wihiyayena 10 en wo- 
cekiye econpi qa wicayusutapi 
kin 82; wokdakapi qa yutapiwa- 
kan icupi kin 200 qa sanpa. Wi- 
cokaya sanpa wihiyayena 4 en 
omniciye iyotankapi, dowanpiqa 
wocekiye eyapi qa hehan wokda- 
kapi kte cin he cajewicayatapi 
kta qa wicasa tona qa omniciye 
okaspe etanhan yaupi kin taku 
wan ehapi kta on yaupi hecinhan 
hena ehapi kta. Hecen Fort 
Totten etanhan John Tatankapa 
hecen eya. Hekta waniyetu 17 
heehan Dakota en sinasapa wo- 
cekiye en wicahi qa hehan hetan- 
han mniyopaya yaonpi kin en 
wocekiye tanka icaga heon nina 
piundapi kta qa sinasapa itan- 
canpi kin oyate owasin niyawa- 

en wowidag imkiciyapi kte sni 
qeyas iyotan iyeonkiyapi kinhan 
heon unnipi kta, wocekiye kin 
uncinpi qa onkakijapi kinhan he- 
on unnipi kta. 

Bernard Twohearts, Ft. Tot- 
ten. — Omniciye tanka kin de en 
ounpapi kta uncinpi qaheoniyo- 
tiyekiye unhipi qa omniciye tan- 
ka kin deon tokiydtan woiwan- 
yake wanji on wokdag unyasipi 
kinhan hecen unkeyapi kte cin- 
han he okna unkeyapi kta, tka 
takuna okna unkeyapi kta wan 
unyakipazopi sni heon dehan 
epin kte sni. 

Frank Gates, Fort Yates— Wi- 
casa tona den yahipi kin dena ti- 
pi wan etanhan unnonipi unkan 
dehan wicasawakan itancanpi 
kin den hipi qa tuktetanhan on 
hiyupi qon ake en unkahipi kin 
he icanteunwastepi kta iyecetu. 

Takukokipesni, Farm School, 
Ft. Yates— Omniciye tanka kin 
de wanjina unyuhapi qon heehan 
waunsakapi tka omniciye tanka 
kin kiyuspapi qa heon waunsa- 
kapi sni heon dehan piunkiyapini 
ecanmi ca heon hepe do. 

Tatomani, Oak Creek— Omni- 
ciye tanka kin piyapi kta iyecetu 
sni qa heca on taku epe kta econ- 
masipi sni, heon henana epin kta. 

Cetangnaskinyan, Rock Creek 
—Omniciye tanka kin token yan- 
ka hecinhan hecegnala kta cinpi 
ca heon zuya wahi yelo, qa de- 
han wacekiya wicasa wicunyu- 
hapi kin kansu kin wicakiciklu- 
zapi kin heon waepin kta wacin 
yelo; wicoran ikceka kin hena 
ayustanpo. Wanna sinasapa 
itancanpi kin en hipi qi Thomas 
Hintonkaska, Pahayamni etan- 
han taku wanji awacin rca waon 
kin he epin kta; sinasapa tona 
om unqonpi kin taku unkokiya- 
kapi qa hena sutaya yuze unsipi 
qa he unyuzapi unkan heon an- 
petu kin de sinasapa itancan qe- 
ya tehantanhan wanyagunhipi 
kin heon detanhan wocekiye kin 
sanpa awauncinpi kta qa token 
wowaste unkamnapi kte cin un- 
tancanpi qa unnagipi kin en wo- 
waste unkamnapi kta. 

Major McLaughlin — Anpetu 
de omniciye kin den waon kta 
wacin, heon wahi; anpetu de waii- 
ciyakapi kin ibduskin. Dakota 
oyanke owasin ecin waon kin 
wankanwapa iyoniptapi kin he 
sinasapa wicaduhapi kin tanyan 
anawicaronpi kin heon wakan- 
wapa iyonipiapi kin he e. He- 

Standing Rock Ateyapi — De- 
hantu kin oyate den yahiTfitaya- 
pi kin qa wicoran waste okna 
iyoniptapi kin he miye ecamon 
kepin kte sni, tka sinasapa tona 
om yaonpi kin hena tanyan ana- 
wicayagoptanpi qa heon dehan 
tanyan yaonpi qa heon kodaci- 
yapi qa niseya kodamayayapi 
wacin. Tohanyan den waon kin- 
han ociciyapi kta. 

Bishop Wehrle: — Anpetu kin 
de omniciye tanka duhapi kin en 
waon kin on nina cantemawaste, 
Wanikiya wastewadaka heon mis 
eya wastecidakapi kta iyececa, 
heon omniciye tanka nitawapi 
kin de en tona oyapapi kin owa- 
sin Wanikiya niyawastepi kta. 

Father Ketcham— Hekta en ci- 
hipi hehan miista kin on taku 
wanbdake qa minoge kin on taku 
nawaron kin hena on Tonkansi- 
nayanpi kin kici wowakdake qa 
ake dehan wanciyakapi kin hena 
on.Tonkansina en waki kinhan 
wowakdake kte cin he sinasapa 
wicarca wan de yanke cin de wa- 
ayatanin bduha kta owakihi qa 
Dakota awanyaka itancan kin en 
wokdake cin hena McLaughlin 
sdonya, hecen ake waki kinhan 
nina niyepi on wowakdake kta. 
Dakota oyanke owasin en waon 


qa niyepi wankanwapa yaonpi 
kin sdonwaye. Unkan wicasa 
wan wayazanka qa Wanikiya ki- 
pan qa asniye kta kida; unkan 
wicasa unmanpi kin inina yanke 
sipi qeyas hehan nina pan, on- 
simada wo! Unkan Wanikiya en 
u, qa taku ecaciconktayacinhe? 
eya. Unkan Itancan wani kta, 
eya. Unkan asniyan. He iyecen 
Wanikiya oniciyapi kta yakidapi 
qa heiconhan wakansica yuinina 
niyazapi kta nicuwapi qeyas ees 
isanpa Wanikiya yakipanpi kta, 
kinhan oniciyapi kta qa sanpa 
wanisakapi kta. Wasicun wa- 
stepi sni wanjikji en niupi qa ta- 
ku iniwastepi kte sni onspenici- 
yapi kte c n, etanhan nikduto- 
kanpi kta wakpa nom mini kin 
icitokca miniwanca iyorpaya qe- 
yas mini kin onman kin sosa qa 
oman bdezena. Unkai he iyecen 
wasicun kin qa Dakota kinheki- 
ci owanjina tonkansina en wo- 
awanyake kin iyorpaya, unkan 
unma bdezena kin he niyepi kta, 
heon sanpa wicoran waste en ni- 
bdihecapi kta, hecen Tonkansi- 
nayanpi en taku obdake cin owa- 
sin wowicake heca kta. 
Bishop of Lead, S. D.— Anpetu 

kcemna yuwitaya parta na cinca 

. kin wicaqu na he yuwer wicasi 

qeyas okihipi sni. Unkan hehan 

. cansakala kin wanjikji wicaqu 


1 na yuwer wicasi unkan suta sni- 

yan yuwegapi. Ho le waiyaksa- 

pe kin unkiksuyapi waste na to- 

, kel sutaya yuwerpica sni kta he 

J tanyan unkabiezapi hantans 

omniciye tanka kin owanjila iya- 

ye cin waste kta, hecen waun- 

I sakapi kta. 

June 27, hinhanna wihiyayena 
9 en Rev. Father Ketcham, he 
tipiwakan en wocekiye econ qa 
Rev. Father Hinhauciqala waho- 
konwicakiye. Wicokaya sanpa 
St. Mary's omniciye econpi, wo- 
cekiye econpi qa dowanpi. He- 
han Mrs. John Pleets wokdaka: 
Inyanbosdata en wmyan wikce- 
mna zaptan kin he aokpani wo- 
wasi econqonpi na omniciye tan- 
ka kin de unyuhapi kte cin on 
tona tehan yahipi kin icante ni- 
wastepi kta iyecen ecaunniconpi 
kte rein qa wikoskalaka ecee 
winyan omniciye tanka kin le 
iyopte onyanpi na hena wicoran 
kin le aiuncagapi ca hena sutaya 
unkluhapi kta iyecetu, na mis 
micinca yukan canke hena wico- 
ran kin le aicagapi kta wacin. 

, Louise Sagye, Fort Totten — 
Omniciye tanka de iyomakipi he- 
on tohan omniciye tanka kin o wa- 
sin en waun kta wacin ye. Sinasa- 
pa itancan qeya den wahokun- 
unkiyapi kin hena ecen econ un- 
wacinpi kte qa winyan wapaha 
to unqonpi hena wakan unkidapi 
kta, St. Mary tohinni wapaha to 
on qa waci sniye; qa St. Joseph 
sa cuticin qa waci sni. Hecen 
hena unkiksuyapi qa ake owasin 
en wanonkiciyakax)i kta awacin 
unhdapi kta. 

Iwankena, Fort Totten — Win- 
yan wartanisa hemaca kin heon 
wocekiye en token owakihika en 
waskan kta wacin, qa heon de- 
han tehantan iyotaniyekiya un- 
kupi qa winyan conala Kangipa- 
ha en unskanpi qa on anpetu iya- 
mni wokagege econqunpi qa oil 
mazaska unkamnapi qa mazaska 
awanyaka wanjina kin en eun- 
knakapi qa wokagege kin on 
$90-00 unkamnapi qa winyan 
omniciye tipi wan ziyena unkica- 
gapi hecen nis eya iyecen woka- 
gege kin ecanonpi kinhan maza- 
sa yakamnapi kinhan on wawo- 
yakiyapi kta iyecetu we. 

Wipehinjinwin, Rock Creek — 

owasin wocekiye en icarwicun^ 
kiyapi kinhan hecen iye tokata 
tanyan onpi kta wan en awica- 
unkipi kta, miye kin hecen eca- 
mun qa on micinca owasin tan- 
yan icagapi, unkan wanji ista kin 
knonni kta heon wicasawakan 
itancanpi kin micinca kin mici- 
ksuyapi kta wa^cin ca heon maza- 
ska zaptan waqu kta. , 

Oyurpewin, Oak Creek, S. D— 
Winyan omniciye unqonpi kin 
wicoran tokca en unkiyayapi eca 
heon unhinrpayapi ecee, heon 
detanhan cancega kabupi kin he- 
na etanhan itehanyan unyanpi 
kinhan hecen unkiwastepi kta, 
wicasawakan kin to^en unkoki- 
yakapi kin hena ecen econqonpi 
kinhan heceena unkiwastepi kta. 

Mrs. L. McLaughlin— Iapi on- 
maspe sni tka wokdag mayasipi 
kin heon decen awacanmi. Iye 
W^akantanka taku waste onspe- 
wicakiya qa iapi wasteste eye 
wicakiya ece. Heon iapi decen 
epe kta. Hekta waniyetu ota 
tkeya waqin unkupi qa ecen de- 
han unhipi, unkan anpetu nom 
wanna sinasapa itancanpi ota 
wanyak nihipi kin taku wasteste 
ota oniciyakapi, hena hekta oci- 
civakaDi oa ivecen wanna df- 

jicapi sni qeyas taku iyotan kin 
he ecas wanna duhapi kin he 
Wanikiya oie kin he e. Heon 
owasin nakun wowaonsida aye 
ciyuhapi kta. Hecen wowaste en 
sanpa icar aniyanpi qa ecen Wa- 
nikiya towaste kin he sutaya du- 
hapi kta; he nina awacannipi kta. 
Hecen detanhan tiyata yakdapi 
kinhan hena yeksuyapi kta, qa 
taku nayaronpi kin hena nakun 
tiyata kduha yaonpi kta; hecen 
ecanonpi kinhan Wanikiya nicipi 
on kta qa hecen wowaste en san- 
pa wanisakapi kta qa wiconi kin 
de adustanpi qeyas isanpa wico- 
ni teca waste en yaonpi kta. 

Cetanknaskinyan, Rock Creek, 
S. D. — Omniciye tanka kin le to- 
kel yuha unskanpi kin heceknala 
yuha unskanpi kta. Wicasawa- 
kanpi kin hena eepi wicayuha 
unqonpi ca hena tokerci onspe- 
unkiyapi kinhan hee unkiwaste- 
pi kta qa omniciye okaspe wan 
etanhan wau kin he en iwaho- 
mayanpi sni. 

Joe Pteca, Pine Ridge. — Omni- 
aiye tanka kin kiyuspeya yuha 
unskanpi kin heon waunsakapi 
sni ca, yuowanjipila kinhan he 
waste kta. Wicasa cinca waho- 
kon wicakiya, unkan casakala wi- 

yan omniciye Kin ne tuwa wacin 
unyanpi kin he Wanikiya ee na 
unhunkapi sni qeyas tohanyan 
unkokihipi kin hehanyan un- 
skanpi, heon tona den yahipi kin 
unyeksuyayi kta wacin ye. 

John Butcher, Fort Berthold. 
— Sinasapa wocekiye okodakiciye 
unyuhapi kin waunsakapi sni kin 
he sinasapa unnicapi kin heon 
waunsakapi sni. Heon Bishop 
teca unyuhapi kin sinasapa wanji 
unqupi kta wacin, heon tehantan 
iyotiyekiya wahi yedo. 

Hehan Bishop of Bismarck kin 
hecen eya: Ptanyetu kin de si- 
nasapa nom ci?upi kta, qa nakun 
winyan wakan koya hen wicadu- 
hapi kta wanna iwakni. 

Hoskiwin, Cannon Ball — He- 
kta tahan wocekiye en unkupi 
kin sunkakan wanji tkeya waqin 
kiyapi iyecemunkupiqa wikoske- 
naka om wayawa en imacage cin 
hena wocekiye kin en hunkapi 
sni qa omniciye kin en ohunkapi 
sni qeyas miye kin taku onma- 
spe kin hena awektonje kta wacin 
sni qa token owakihi en waskan 
kte rci qa tona wayawa en unki- 
cagapi hecinhan taku unkon- 
spepi kin hena unkayustanpi 
kte sni waste. 

kin he u qa wiyorpeyata ihunni 
unkan ake ecen wicoran sica ya- 
mni ecen u qa on wocekiye oyate 
kin kuya unkiyayapi qa hena 
cancega wan ee, miniwakan kin 
ee qa otonwahe ecen wakiya wi- 
casa qeya wakankiciyuzapi kin 
yujujupi kin wicasawakan itan- 
canpi qa wabdeza kin koya de- 
na unkakicibdezapi kta wacinye. 
Nawankewin, Farm School — 
Winyan okaspe tontonyan omni- 
ciye unqunpi h na witaya unhipi 
qa wicasawakan itancanpi ota 
wanyag-pica sni unpi qon hena 
wanag unhipi kin he nina pium 
dapi kta iyecetu qa taku tona un- 
kokiyakapi kin hena kiksuya ti- 
yata unhdapi kta, qa tiyata un- 
qunpi kin hena ijehan unkiksu- 
yapi kta qa wocekiye kin he ohin- 
ni unkeyapi kinhan hecen Wani- 
kiya Iye wasagunyanpi kta, wo- 
okarnige unqupi kta wacantki- 
yapi unkonspepi kta qa warba- 
yena unnipi kta. 

Mrs. Jane Claymore, Okarmi — 
Winyan tona omniciye tanka en 
unhipi qa wicasawakan itancanpi 
qeya tehantan han wanyak unhipi 
kin hena detanhan tohanyan ni 
unqunpi kin dena unkiksuyapi 
kta iyecetu. Qa unkicincapi kin 

waste en inicagapi qa sinasapa 
itancanpi kin wicitokam wicoran 
wasteste ecanonpi kin heon ni- 
cincapi kin hena iyecen onspe- 
wicakiyapi kinhan, hecen tokata 
tanyan wocekiye en icagapi kta. 

June 28, wihiyayena 10 hehan 
tipiwakan en wicanagi on woce- 
kiye econpi, hehan Fath. Ketch- 
am sinasapa en miniwakan yatke 
sni iciconzapi kin. 

Louis Okah, Okarmi — Omnici- 
ye tanka kin en waun kte rein, 
heon wasak miciye kta wacin qa 
heon wicota qa oiyokipi wan he 
wacin, qa heon sni tka hen wica- 
sa wocekiye en wasakapi kin hen 
witayapi kin heon; hen waun kta 
wacin, ho hecetu. Omniciye tan- 
ka kin de wanjina kta cinpi kin 
he hecetu sni wakiye, na omni- 
ciye tanka kin de kinokankiya 
yuhapi kin de e waste kepe do, 
ca Palani kinhan omniciye tanka 
kin de wicaqupo. Miniwakan na 
Inyanbosdata kin den anonka- 
tanhan yuptanye yakuwape do. 
Hecen wicayusutapi kin tona 
opapi kte cin hen ikiyena 
ihunnipi kinhan waste yedo. 

Tatankaonjinca — Sunkapapaha 
wocekiye yuha unskanpi kin taku 
on ihunke sni unkayapi kin can- 


cega kin hee ca he unkayustanpi 
kte do. Omniciye tanka kin de 
wanjila kta cinpi q eyas omniciye 
okaspe wan etanhan umasipi kin 
he omniciye tanka kin de wanji- 
na kta cinpi sni; kinonkankiya 
kin hee waste key ape do. 

Zitkanakoyake, Fort Totten — 
Omniciye tanka kin de wanjina 
kinhan sanpa unkiwastepi kte 
sni; nonpakiya unskanpi kin 
de unkiwastepi qeyas wicasta 
wakan itancanpi kin dena ees 
wancake omniciye tanka kin 
wanjina kta eyapi kinhan ecen 
econqonpi kta, qa takuna unke- 
yapi kte sni tka ecen econqonpi 

Cetanknaskinyan, Rock Creek, 
S. D.— Inyanconkaske en wicasa 
wakan wanji uncipe lo. 

Tasunkeluzahan — Omniciye 
tanka kin wanjila kta, toksa non- 
pa ecen karnir yewicasipi kta na 
wayustanpi kta. 

Frank Gates — Omniciye tanka 
wanjina kinhan he unkiwastepi 

John Twohearts. Ft. Totten— 
Bishop mazaska kin bena North 
Dakota en eceena wowidagyapi 
kta qa itankatanhan wowidagya- 
pi kta sni, heceena iyowiunnki- 
yapi, heon omniciye tanka kin 
he wanjina kta yacinpi kin he- 
cetu sni. 

Joseph Matohi, Ft. Totten — 
Bishop hecapi kin hena maka 
okaspe tawapi, hena en wowan- 
yanke kin hena tawapi, hecen 
North Dakota etanhan South 
Dakota en tuwa yesipi qa woyu- 
stan kta kinhan Bishop iyowin- 
onkiyapi kte sni. 

Hintonkanaska — Omniciye tan- 
ka nonpa kin he e waste, keya. 

Bernard Twohearts — Omniciye 
wanjina kta cin he waste, keya. 

Takanaduta omniciye tanka 
kin wanjina kta cin hecetukeya. 

Joe Pteca omniciye tanka wan- 
jina kte cin he hecetu keya. 

John Grass omniciye tanka 
wanjila kinhan he waste kta qa 
tokata karniryewicasipi yukin 
kte lo, eye. 

Nick Cadotte Makoskanajin 
hecen eya: Omniciye tanka wan- 
jina kte cin he waste na omnici- 
tanka kin torn luhapi qeyas ini- 
wastepi kte sni. 

Cantepeta — Omniciye tanka kin 
he wanjia qeyas tohinni iniwa- . 
stepi kte sni, na miniwakan kin 
he ecas alustanpi sni kinhan wo- ' 
wicala luhapi qeyas qa woslolye 
kin luhapi qeyas miniwakan kin 
iyuha nicipi eceeca yelo, 

Omniciye tanka kin North qa 
South Dakota nonpin icicaskapi 
kta cinpi kin heepi qa is omnici- 
ye tanka kin North qa South-Da- 
kota kinonkankiya skanpi, he on 
najinpi, qa nonpakiya skanpi kin 
ohiyapi. Hecen North qa South 
Dakota ecen omniciye nonpakiya 
econpi kta. 

Kangipaha qa Pahayamni kin 
henaos omniciye tanka kicopi qa 
on najinpi qa Kangipaha en omni- 
ciye tanka kta ohiyapi. Tokata 
omaka 1911 en qa wi tukte etu 
kte cin qa anpetu tukte etu kte 
cin he ikiyena kinhan Eyanpaha 
kin oyake kta. 

Mazaska Awanyaka Wanjina 
okiyapi kte cin (trustees) wica- 

St. Michael's, Fort Totten, 
Joseph Matohi. 

St. Jerome"s Fort Totten- 
John Twohearts. 

Standing Rock agency en, 
Thomas Matoska. 

Cannon Ballen, Itazipaduta. 

Pahayamni en, CetankoKipapi. 

Hantesa en, Awaska. 

Padani tipi en, Matoota. 

Inyabosdata enomniciye tanka 
kin etanhan Sinasapa ataya itan- 
can kin (Pope) mazaska opawin- 
ge qupi, hece Karnir usi kin nina 
icante waste rca. 

Tokantanhan ahi owicakiyapi 

Ft. Totten hemani okna 

ipi kin 

Minisa, Haratowan 

Maka amani ipi 



$83 CO 

33 00 J 

21 00 

20 00 

3 00 


Mazaska Awanyanka Wanjina. 

June 28, 1910 St. Mary okoda- 
kiciye, Cannon Ball $ 7-00 

June 28, 1910 St. Joseph 
okodakiciye, Cannon Ball 12-25 
June 30, '10 John Butcher, 
Elbow Woods, N. D. 5-00 

Wanna ataya with in- 
terest $488-64 

Little White River Dist. 
Hekta April 26 1910 anpetu 
iyamni apao kin ostan 4 o'clock 
ehanl ate temarila qon irpeya 
imaye, anpetu kin he el iye wa- 
na maka wiconi kin ayustan na 
marpiya ekta wiconi bihanke wa- 
nil wowiyuskin yuha sece ecan- 
mi na on wacintanka rniciya ece. 
Yunkan ate iye taku wanjini on 
sicaya iyaye sni na heon cante- 

masice qon he ake econseeltaku 
wanjini ecamon sni ise taku wan- 
jini miye el awimiklukean wace- 
yesni tka ee iwastela. owotanla 
waceye na ee Wakantanka ekta 
lila ate waceweciciya ece, sanpa 
on lila wamasake na Wakantanka 
omakiye lakas e owotanla wahi- 
yu we lo. Mitawin, micinca ob 
zaniyan lehan wahi. Yunkan 
mitakuye wanjikji Standing 
Rock oyanke el itima hel onpina 
hena naronpi wacin on lecel wa- 

Ho hehanl ate ikceya maka 
akanl wiconi ptecela yuha on kin 
econhan tokeltoran on hena on- 
spa slolya imacage na heon obla- 
kin kte. Ate iye oiyokpaze wi- 
catonpi na woartani el oran ica- 
ge na econhan Ikcewicasa taku 
econpi na isi maka akanl taku 
siksica econ na hena taku wakan 
tokeca yuha na hena oyate el ca- 
je yawakatuyapi ise yatanpi ece; 
na hena on waranicila nacece. 
Wanna lecel on kin econhan Wa- 
kantanka iyoyanpa tawa qon he 
aojanjanya nacece; na wanna he 
Wanikiya unkitawapi taku wan- 
jikji oyake, ise Wakantanka econ 
keya wowapi wakan el unkoki- 
yakapi. Wicasa wanjikji ehanna 
wicotakuye tannin el ise wicota- 
kuye teca el oyakapi wicasa 
wanjikji el iyoyanpe wicaye ece 
qon he iyececa selececa na heon 
hepe lo. 

Ho na wanna hehanl Rosebud 
oyanke le akliyotanke eya mako 
cajeyate wan kagapi kin hetan- 
han tahenakiya na le April 26 
ostan 1910 hehanyan taku wasi- 
cu etkiya wicarcala qeya maka 
itancan ca onpi kin le el aopeya 
ate oonye, ise taku hececa o.wa- 
kpamni el wicasa itancan wica- 
kiyapi kin he el ate opeya on na 
caje waste rca slolwakiye. Tka 
wanna Wakantanka iyoyanpa ta- 
wa qon he el on we lakas hececa. 
Na eciyatanhan tuwa otokaheya 
omniciye wakan kin le yunajin 
kiya cin na yuicage kta kuwa 
kin he ate nakun hee. Inyanwo- ' 
slahe'ekta tokeyalarci ate wicasa 
qeya ob omniciye hiyoipi na eci- 
yatanhan wanna le Rosebud 
oyanke kin le el okolakiciye wa- 
kan kin le icage lo, na hetanhan 
ate el oonye na ecel wanna maka 
wiconi kin ayustan eciyatanhan 
ate Sinasapa opa na on el onspe- 
makiye, na ise on wahokonma- 
kiya ece, na heciyatanhan oko- 
lakiciye wakan kin le el omikla- 
onspe yelo. Na he el taku wanji 
awablezin na ise sutaya wicala 

miciyin na etan taku wanji icu 
wacanmi, na iyecel wanna taku 
Wakantanka wowakan tawa 
wanjikji iwacu na hena sutaya 
yuha wacanmi na wanjikji on el 
woilake miciya onspemiciciye. 
Yunkan eciyatan maka akanl un- 
qonpi kin le el wicasa na winyan 
wanjikji wowicala yuhapi kecin- 
pi on hena onsimalapi slolwaki- 
ye, ise Wakantanka onsimala na 
taku icewakiya wanjikji omakiya 
selececa. Jesus, Wanikiya un- 
kitawapi taku wanjikji iwahoun- 
yanpi na hena wanjikji wanna 
iyecetu aye selececa awableze; 
na heon le hintakna unkikluwi- 
yeyapi wasteke ecanmi. Na he- 
hanl Wanikiya taku hekta oyake 
on hena na tokata u kte cin hena 
oyasin oyake na hena unkiyu- 
canpi wasteke lo. Tona nahan- 
rci oiyokpaze el onpi on hena na 
ise tona nahanrci Christian he- 
nicapi sni, ise henicapi kte aya- 
blezapi sni on hena cicape lo. 
Taku Wakantanka etkiya econ- 
qonpi kte kin hena wicasa on 
yatanpi kta on taku econqonpi 
iyececa sni, tka ee ka owotanla 
wacinyan econqonpi kin hecel 
ounkiyapi kte. Eya taku kesa 
he wake; wocekiye eciyatanhan 
tukte el wookiye unkagapi ise 
kuje wanji el wacekiye onkipi 
ehantans he awecakehan wacin- 
yan ce unkiciciyapi kin okiye cin 
asni kte, ise taku el wookiye un- 
kagapi o-i he etan taku kluha 
wacin waeconqonpi kte sni tka 
ee Christian heuncecapi kecan 
unkipi hecina hena Wakantanka 
on etanhan econ uncinpi kte lo. 
Mitakuye, hececa kin marpiya 
ekta wookiye unyuhapi kte; na- 
kun heciya woyuha eunknakapi 
he iyotan waste, na he le eca 
caje blata wacin. Nakun omni- 
ciye ecelarci tawomnaye on taku 
econ wauncinpi na ise tuwa wa- 
ktapi ca sni, tka ee unkiye iyata- 
yela unkitawacin on taku unki- 
tawapi on waounkiyapi kin he 
iyotan waste, ise tuweni wakta 
sni unkiye iyatayela tukte el ku- 
je esa ise huste ise istagonga 
esa ata unyanpi ehantans wan- 
cake el waceunkiciciyapi waste 
ke. Lena hecel waun rca on he- 
pe sni tka onspa oyanke unkita- 
wapi el hecel waun welo. Na 
heciyatanhan wicasa na winyan 
wanjikji onsimalapi; nakun iyo- 
tan taku wanjikji onspemiciciye 
kin he wicasa na winyan kin wo- 
waste awicawaki yuha na wici- 
yorlate mikluhukuya na he taku 
wanji weksuye na he lila onspe- 
miciciye; Luke 18. 9 — 14, el he 
wicoiye kin weksuye, na heon 
he ohinni bluha wacanmi. Hecel 
on tanyan onsimalapi, ise itkob 
ise eya wowaste amayuhapi rca 
slolwakiye. De koskalaka onsike 
cin hemaca tka ee iyotan Wakan- 
tanka wacinye kin hemaca na 
heon tona Christian henicapi he- 
cina oyasin nape ciyuzapi. 

George Spotetd Elk.